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  • Indigeno gnam: in Liguria, Il filo di Paglia

    …ora l’odore è quello fresco del bosco nelle ore sonnolente di metà pomeriggio.
    Il mare, qui, non esiste.  Il filo di Paglia è una magia fuori dal campo semantico della parola Liguria. 

  • Natural wine?

    Before the word “sell”, in this project, we see the word “educate”. We just want to let people know that there is a brave alternative (or maybe simply honest). We like to think that this wine producers are guardians of eternity.

  • Indigeno exploring Umbria

    In September our plans were to go to Umbria and discover it by bike. Umbria is a region in the middle of Italy, between Toscana and Marche. We like to think that is the little heart of our “boot”, set there in the middle and sometimes a little bit shaky.

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