Natural Wines in Switzerland! Free delivery in Zürich

We love when people drink together.

One of the main reasons why we like wine is because it makes us feel good together, makes us laugh, makes us chat, makes us explore ourselves and those around us.

If you are looking for a special evening tasting wine with your family and friend, you’re just in the right place. We can organise a private tasting where we can also explain a bit more about  the natural wine world.
(We know, the situation is not the best but we take precautions, we follow all the rules and we do not accept groups of more than 8 people).

Is there an important milestone to celebrate? Some new colleague to welcome or someone who’s leaving and you want to thank him/her for the amazing work they did? In case you want to get tipsy together, drinking some good natural wines, here we are, ready to organise a nice team building event together.

Want to know more about natural wine? We can organise a crash course (online) and send you some bottles to taste which will be the entry key to this magic world.

You want to organise a nice aperò with your friend but you don’t have so much time, contact us and we can provide the wine (and some food that we can agree together) but – promise – this time we don’t explain anything, we let the wine explain for itself (which is probably the best choice).

For these or whatever crazy idea you have in mind that has something to do with wine…please contact us using the form below or via email.


Make your request, we are all ears!

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