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Lamda 2019 – Kitma Ligas – Assyrtiko


KITMA LIGAS – Pella, Greece

100% Assyrtiko macerated for 30 days then aged 12 months in barrel and finally bottled without filtration. An expression of Assyrtiko generated from the wild vineyards where biodiversity grows without restriction thanks to the permaculture approach of Ligas’ family. The strong freshness gives a bright and direct sip well balanced with long orange skins and thyme honey notes.

Some technical details:
Year: 2019
Region: Giannitsa Pella – Greece
Alcohol: 13.5%

Where this wine come from?

The vineyards are located in the valleys of Mount Paiko 50 km from Thessaloniki, Macedonia, in northern Greece. The gentle slopes of Pella are well sunny and kissed by the winds. The soil on which the vines grow consists of a calcareous and sometimes clayey soil where all the nutrients the plants need for a harmonious development are developed. In the vineyards, the Ligas family use the permaculture approach. Thomas, Jason and Melissanthe Ligas closely follow the evolution of the vines in order to keep them in an ideal condition to ensure a perfect balance between quality and quantity.

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