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Alibi – Aligotè


This wine is a well balanced, gassy and aromatic 100 % Aligotè. Was harvested a little later than usual to reach optimal ripeness and was pressed in old barrels on full lees and bottled during fermentation so that some of the acidity lost with late harvesting was replaced with gas.

BEST MATCH:  With its palate-cleansing acidity, Aligoté goes wonderfully with fish dishes and soupes.

Check the description below to know more.

Some technical details:
Appellation: AOP Bourgogne
Year: 2018
Region: Bourgogne (FR)
Alcohol: 13%



Where this wine come from?
This wine is made from Aligotè from the northern Maconnais, near Tournus.
Burgundy is one of world’s oldest and most prestigious wine region; it is here that pinot noir, one of the most noble grape varieties, and Chardonnay find their maximum expression. Aligoté is the “other” white grape, more rarely encountered than Chardonnay.

In Burgundy there are 1247 different Climats, each Climat is a vine plot, precisely delimited according to its own microclimate and specific geological conditions, which has been carefully marked out and named over the centuries.

Soil: in general schist and granite with some limestone.



  • “Alibi” means “elsewhere” in Latin, signifying the totally different style of Aligotè.
  • Aligotè is also the traditional base ingredient for the Kir cocktail (which is a cocktail made with Aligotè wine and Creme de Cassis, a dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants).



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