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Coteaux-de-Champlitte | Chardonnay | François De Nicolay


A fresh wine with a citrus and mineral flavour. No sulfites added.

BEST MATCH: Perfect to drink with some snacks during an an aperò.

Some technical details:
Appellation: Champlitte AOC
Year: 2017
Region: Franche-Comté (FR)
Alcohol: 12,5%

Where this wine come from?

Frenche-Comte is a cultural and historical region of eastern France on the border with Switzerland and has a lot in common with its neighbour. It is composed of the modern departments of Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône and the Territoire de Belfort.

Soil: The terrain in Franche-Comté is dominated by the Jura mountain – sub-alpine mountain range that separates France and Switzerland. These mountains are formed by Jurassic limestone, which has given rise to the calcareous clay soils found throughout the region.


  • Thanks to its strong DNA, Chardonnay is the most widely planted white grape variety, globally.
  • The famous Comté cheese comes from the same area of this wine.



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