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Vinacciolo di Luna – Vermentino


vermentino slightly cloudy due to the unfiltered natural refermentation in the bottle. The nose is surprising with an aromatic complexity ranging from apples to citrus fruits, from white fruits to eucalyptus. The palate is warm, savory and fresh, with a slightly bitterish epilogue. Sometimes the bubble can be a little aggressive. 🙂

DRINK IT WITH: during a sunny apero to refresh yourself and your guests would be even better.

Check the description below to know more.

Some technical details:
Appellation: Table Wine
Year: 2018
Region: Liguria (IT)
Alcohol: 12%

Where this wine come from?

Lunigiana is a wild and feminine land with many stories to tell. One of these is certainly about Alessandro, once Marshal engaged in international investigations…and now wine producer fascinated by Nature and with a great attention to sustainability.

We met him in his bio-house during a hot summer day…and here you can read something more about this magic “moon” land and this wine artisan.

Soil: gray clay


Maybe you’re wondering why the label has that shape: it comes from the Stele Statues.
These are anthropomorphic steles, carved in sandstone and raised since the third Millennium B.C. by the population who used to live in the land that today is called Lunigiana.

In Italian “moon” is “luna” and – as you can notice – in the name of this land there is a reference to our natural satellite – probably because here the cult of the moon was strong; there is, in fact, a park of rock engravings in which you can find the cliff of the moons and in general this area is also known as “terra della luna” which means “moon land”.




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