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WAI Bianco 2019 – Belvedere – Pinot Noir + Riesling


70% Pinot noir and 30% Italian Riesling vinified with the ancestral method to create a refreshing white wine with green apple, pepper and flower notes. Juicy and funky it is made to start dancing!

BEST MATCH: Fresh cheese, pizza, aperò

Some technical details:
Appellation: IGT
Year: 2018
Region: Lombardia (IT)
Alcohol: 13%

Where this wine come from?

Tenuta Belvedere’s vineyards are located in the southern part of Lombardy (a region in the north of Italy), the area is called “Oltrepò Pavese”. The two owners are Gianluca Cabrini and “mother earth” which silently gives clues and drives choices and is always treated with respect and love. Together they produce honest, naked and humble wines.

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