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Bon Mariage 2017 – Petit Roy – Pinot noir + Gamay


The elegance of Pinot Noir mixed with the fruity style from Gamay. Aged in old oak barrels, bon mariage, is a lively wine, super “accessible” that shows a great balance between minerality, acidity and sapidity, typical style from Seiichi Wang. Round and elegant is a fresh and enjoyable wine.

BEST MATCH: light and medium body dish such as white meat, roasted meat, somehow fish as well, creamy cheese and vegetables.

Check the description below to know more.

Some technical details:
Appellation: Bourgogne AOC
Year: 2017
Region: Burgundy (FR)
Alcohol: 12,5%

Where this wine come from?

Burgundy is one of world’s oldest and most prestigious wine region; it is here that pinot noir, one of the most noble grape varieties, and Chardonnay find their maximum expression.
In Burgundy there are 1247 different Climats, each Climat is a vine plot, precisely delimited according to its own microclimate and specific geological conditions, which has been carefully marked out and named over the centuries.

Soil: the soil in Burgundy can change radically from one vineyard to the next. They contains a mix of clay, gravel and jurassic limestone  and marl.


  • Seiichi Wang, the wine producer, was born in China but grew up in Japan and you can find this dichotomy in his name in-fact the surname is Chinese but the name Japanese.
  • His surname means “king”, that’s why “Petit Roy” – “Little king”
  • The name “Bon Mariage” comes from the fellowship between Gamey – which brings the fruity part –  and Pinot noir – the elegance.
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