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Julienas – Gamay


Gamay 100%, this wine has a fruity aroma in the nose. On the palate it has a good acidity, low tannins and you can find a spicy cinnamon taste with notes of red fruits…you might have some memories of when you were a kid, making Christmas cookies with your mom.

BEST MATCH: It’s difficult to go wrong with pairing this wine with food. You can pair it with chicken and meat in general or cheese.

Check the description below to know more.

Some technical details:
Appellation: Julienas
Year: 2018
Region: Beaujolais (FR)
Alcohol: 13,5%



Where this wine come from?
Beaujolais is an area located south of Burgundy and actually very different from its northern neighbours (Côte d’Or, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais regions). In-fact, unlike the rest of Burgundy where the kings are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, here the one and only sovereign is a black grape called Gamay. There are 10 Crus of Beaujolais and each cru has its own personality (climate, soils, altitude…).

Soil: in general schist and granite with some limestone.



  • The cru from which this wine come from – Julienas – seems to be named after Julius Caesar.
  • A friend who drunk this wine with us said “it’s Christmas!” and it was October.
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