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TU 2020 – Cantina Giardino – Blend Campania grapes


TU transform the complexity of Aglianico grapes in a fresh rosé suitable for aperò. No added sulphites. Aglianico (and other minor red grapes) macerated 2 days on the skins then 7 months ageing in a wood barrel.

Line NA-TU-RE: Orange (NA), Rosè (TU), Red (RE).

BEST MATCH: fish, aperò, light first-plate, meat-plate

Check the description below to know more.

Some technical details:
Appellation: Table Wine
Year: 2020
Region: Campania (IT)
Alcohol: 13%

Where this wine come from?

Recovery and preserve ancient vineyards of autochthonous grapes in Irpinia (a mountainous territory with an intricate network of hills and valleys in Campania) and make authentic wine that is able to bring you there at the first sip: that’s the idea and (ethic) approach of Daniela and Antonio De Gruttola, founders of Cantina Giardino.
With plants more than 50 years old of Greco, Fiano, Coda di Volpe, Aglianico and other varieties (often vinified with amphorae) we believe that their wine and their approach are the best representation of the reason why we started Indigeno. Wine has the potential to work better than a photo album, bringing you back with your memory in a place you visited or a special moment you had and wine made mostly by nature than men, in an authentic way and using local grapes can do that even better. Cantina Giardino’s wines are exactly what we are talking about: a magic photo album that you can view not just with eyes but with smell and taste too.

Soil: Clay and Limestone


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